kotahi eejit

Have been whacking around in Memrise Māori a fair bit this week. Not the best interface and paying for access hasn’t improved it. Mostly I’m using it to drill (on a supplementary basis) things like counting. My nemesis. *throwscomputeragainstfireplace*

OK, not really…just metaphorically. Am now quite out of the molasses phase of learning Irish and see the shoreline for the same in te reo. Today I’ve blasted through another “week” in Māori made Easy (One). Which is fine because 90% of it’s been covered in Papa Reo or Memrise.

Working in the print book reminds me how my life–and life opportunities–has been transformed by the magic of word processing/typing. Hand writing has always been a struggle: now it’s just completely demoralising. I seem to be a higher functioning dyspraxic (according to this untest I’m at around 18-20 yes out of 27), but in Aotearoa–like Canada–the onus is on adults to organise and pay for assessments. Which can cost thousands of dollars.

Might be worth it. Dunno. Mā te wā.


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