ka kitē kete toru

I have finished kete 3. I have finished the assessment book for kete 3. I will not be assessed until 14 November. I am pleased about all of this. I depart in a week for Europe (via Beijing) so it all has to be done before I leave. In fact, will only have returned from … Continue reading ka kitē kete toru


ka pai!

This week I've somewhat re-dedicated myself to my work in te reo Māori. When I started the week I was about halfway through 175 pages of learning activities in Kete 3. Suffice to say I was rather daunted...and not doing well at motivating myself to crack into things again. I'm reminded how reliant I've become … Continue reading ka pai!


We had our assessment for kete 2 today. Aside from a typical "oh that's what the instructions said" headsmack moment, I did fine. Kete 3 arrived about 10days ago, but I decided to leave it until this kete was wrapped. Time to get cracking!