Have completed Irish 201 and commenced Irish 202. Both are interesting but not engaging me as much as I would like. So have reset Duolingo Irish and have restarted from the beginning. Will also try to pick up Gaelige gan Stro in a few weeks: my dissertation is due in a few weeks and that … Continue reading



Tá agus bíonn, tá agus bíonn. Tá is right now; bíonn is habitual. Sort of like how French uses different past tenses for things in a moment in time versus habitual things or trends. Sort of. Like.


I am doing OK with maintaining my Irish study. Completed Irish 102 MOOC this afternoon and have enrolled in the next two courses (strangely numbered 103 and...107?). I'm leveraging these courses on my own terms: skipping the comments area learning activities and instead focusing on the cultural context and core language skills: vocabulary, verbs, a … Continue reading Slacker