Go maith leisceal

What a crazy couple of months. Thanks #covid19.

Been swamped with managing a shift to online teaching for our 4k students. No longer working 80 hours a week, but still super busy. Happily Aotearoa’s led the world in terms of a lockdown and we seem to have eliminated community transmission of the virus. Much of our lockdown has geared down as of last Thursday. But I’ll still be mostly working from home for the next many months.

I did go in for one hour last week, to set up some stuff for colleagues.

For other reasons I dropped out of my level 3 te reo course the week it was supposed to start. That’s proven to be prescient. But I have managed to keep up with my Duolingo Irish, albeit with a reduced daily quota (from two to one lessons). I’m trying to persist in finishing the bits still left, despite knowing I’m mostly engaging on a surface level. It’s become too repetitive and reductive.


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