On Saturday there was an election for the Irish Dáil. For the first time a left party topped the poll: under the Irish STV system, some form of coalition or confidence and supply arrangement is required. Exciting!


Things are progressing with my reo too. I’ve booked in my last assessment for Papa Reo (week after next). Will start again with the Morrison workbooks too. Then level 2 starts in early March.


Much more progress here. I’ve started from the beginning of the Duolingo Irish curriculum and am endeavouring to finish the remaining levels over the next couple of months. At that point I’ll return to Gaelige gan Stró and some other workbooks I’ve acquired. I am finding that while I don’t recall 100% of what I’ve done in earlier, I am recalling a fair bit. But I’m still inclined to surface learning sometimes. Bad, bad John! I mean go dona, go dona a hSeán!

And…DCU has finally offered Irish 105, the next in the suite of MOOCs. It started yesterday: it’s just the sort of reboot/shake up to my learning I need right now!


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