Level 2 plus kete 4 = :)

Earlier this week I returned to the topic in Duolingo Irish that’s vexed me the most: Verbal nouns. It was only slightly vexatious this time: I had only stumbled through two early lessons when I’d lost the will to live. So this represents finishing most of level 1 and all of level 2 on verbal nouns.

It also means I have completed at least level 2 in every single top. But early on I was blasting through each topic through to the end of level 5 before I read the instructions asked Himself what he was doing. Here’s a synopsis of my progress through the various levels of various topics against the highest level completed:

  • Level 5: Basic 1, Basic 2, Animals, Phrases, Food, Plurals, Eclipsis, Lenition, Clothing, Verbs Present 1, Colors (why not Colours?), Questions, Conjunctions, Prepositions 1, Ireland 1, Dates/Times, Reflexive Pronouns
  • Level 4: Family, Jobs, Adjectives.
  • Level 3: Verbs Present 2, Prepositions 2, Genitive, Weather, Ireland 2, Directions, Sport, Arts, Imperative, Verbs Imperfect, Spiritual (why not Religious?), Verbs Conditional

Anything not listed above I’ve only completed the first two levels. None of which feels very only to me. w00t!

Tū kaha!

Yesterday I finished the assessment book for kete 4 in my Māori course. I need to liaise with my kaitiaki to review it–then the course is done! Level 2 starts the first week of March, but I’ll be away. Hopefully my new kaitiaki will be ka pat with that!


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