done and dusted; will continue

Yesterday I presented my paper at the World Conference on Online Learning here in Dublin/i mBaile Átha Cliath.

Te Whakapaipai, Dílárúchán: Towards Decolonisation via the Digital Self-Directed Study of Indigenous Languages

Here’s the abstract:

In this paper I reflect on the praxis of being a self-directed (Knowles, 1975) second language learner in two Indigenous languages—one as a settler (Māori) and one as a diasporic community member (Irish). Using action research methods (McNiff, Lomax and Whitehead, 1996; Greenwood and Levin, 2000) I examine my experience as a non-traditional student managing different modalities of self-regulated learning praxis. In learning Indigenous languages—where I live and where I am from—I endeavour to read the world differently by reading the decolonised word (Freire, 1970, 1985).

Key Words: decolonisation, language learning, self-regulated learning, action research, Aotearoa, Eire

You can read the full paper here. You can view my PowerPoint slides here.

However this blog will continue. As will my language learning.


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