go maith leiscéal?

A month? Has it nearly been a month since I blogged? Whoa.

September is always busy. It’s a month. I’m an academic. Busy. But my magistral work has been time-sensitive in ways that my language learning simply isn’t. Add in a need to eat, sleep, eat, commune, eat and eat…and you get no blogging. But I have been doing some language work.

In te reo I’m focused on the third kete in my Wānanga course, which is twice as much content as the first two kete combined. Before cracking into it I assumed I’d make my way through it in a week-to-ten-days (like kete 2). Nil. I’m almost 2/3 through it, but there’s more scripts and a metric tonne of vocabulary. Feels a bit overwhelming, to be frank. Haven’t touched Memrise as a result.

Irish is a similar dynamic. I’ve kept active in Duolingo, but not as much as previously. Our Motherfoclóir “class” has had more homework–fantastic! It breaks up the monotony of doing 15 lessons on one topic to get through levels 1 and 2 of a module.

I land in Dublin 4 weeks from today. Whoa. Have two provisional time slots for my papers, but these could change between now and the conference opening.


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