gaelige + eurovision = squee

This morning I was listening to podcasts whilst doing my scullery. This week’s episode of Motherfócloir opened with a faux Eurovision voting sequence and a brief discussion of the Contest. I was going to fansplain that, in fact, Ireland’s most recent victory was in 1996 (rather than 1994). But then Darrach and his ilk wouldn’t’ve been able to hear me from my kitchen.

In other news, kete 3 was on my doorstep on Thursday when I got home. This was much less troubling than the arrival of kete 2–when I hadn’t really cracked into kete 1–a few months ago. I’ve also been pushing through with Māori Made Easy Workbook 1 (pro tip: the workbooks aren’t a complement to the books–they replace them–so no need to buy both) and Memrise’s Māori course. Between the two I’m getting more repetition of the basics and can now–finally, HMMoG–count in te reo.

And our Motherfócloir-affiliated Duolingo class seems to have restarted: we’ve had three homework assignments this week. Yay!


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