Potato. Now that’s an important word for me! Even more so as today is an intermittent fasting day for me. Most days it’s OK; today it’s been a struggle.

I did crack back into te reo today, motivating like many a bog-standard student by fear: next week we have our assessment for this kete. Another dialogue, more colouring (this course is not dyspraxic friendly), but finally got (some) of the media files working on my phone. Much easier.


Place names are fun. Tāmakimakaurau (Auckland) I already knew. Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) and Õtautahi (Christchurch) I did not. Ditto Ngāmotu (New Plymouth).

Te Ikaroa-a-Māui (North Island), Te Waipounamu (South Island). There was an exercise naming where various “big” things are located in Aotearoa. Only managed about half of those.

Also, having learnt how diacrits work in French (mostly), integrating macrons and fadas hasn’t been hard at all. Yet.


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