Oibríom go crua

I work hard. As gaelige/in Irish. Ní oibrím go dian in Māori. I do not work hard in Māori. In fact I don’t even know how to say work in Māori. Ouch.

But this is what we learned how to say in the DCU Irish 103 mooc this week.

This week has been intense, work-wise. I’ve done a bit of Irish here and there–mostly thanks to the prompting of the Motherfocloir Duolingo “class” and the persistent homework assignments. We’re getting 2-3 a week lately it seems. Which is great, but my inner pedagogue andragogue can’t but wonder “is there a strategy here, or are they going by instinct?” I need to lighten up.

Also got my first major assignment in my other, formal studies. I did fine. I need to keep reminding myself that the task itself (literature review) is my absolute least favourite academic writing task–that’s been like that for two decades, in fact–and I am much better as a learner than as a student.

  • Learning: focusing on acquisition and meaning making around knowledge and cognitive processes.
  • Studenting: focusing on grades and one’s position in relation to other students.

I suck at studenting. I am proud, in fact, of this. Even when 9 year old me gets triggered by not being top of the class (even if I’m nearly the top). This is what tragic looks like at 55 🙂

OK gonna finish the current Duolingo homework, then push through some te rēo.


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