Kite 1

Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been several weeks days since my last Māori homework. It’s not my fault! The dog ate it! No, wait, I don’t have a dog.

My week “off” has been doing stuff. Significantly work stuff, but also significantly language learning stuff. I lost my place in my first box (kite 1) so I had to reboot the whole thing. I’m now nearly caught up before our first social gathering on Monday. I will be caught up by breakfast on Monday.

I had hoped my Wānanga course was more blended–for a few reasons. First, I think know student-student interactions can be pedagogically important–and I learn best through interacting with the content via social interactions. I am a “talk learner”. Alas, this is mostly paper-based. Having poor fine motor skills makes pen-and-paper learning difficult. But I shall persevere.

Self-directed tools

After a lot of scouring the web I didn’t really find any open access interactive te rēo/English quizzes or games or other formative assessment tools. Which sucks. Back to paper it is 😦


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