I am doing OK with maintaining my Irish study.

Completed Irish 102 MOOC this afternoon and have enrolled in the next two courses (strangely numbered 103 and…107?). I’m leveraging these courses on my own terms: skipping the comments area learning activities and instead focusing on the cultural context and core language skills: vocabulary, verbs, a wee bit of idioms.

But I have not done much at all in te rēo the last few weeks. But I ‘m on holidays for 10 days now and doing intensive/immersive work on my Wānanga course will be a priority. So will some chores around the house, and formatting the proceedings for a conference I’m attending in Vancouver in June.

And…my paper proposal for the upcoming biennial World Conference on Online Learning was accepted! I have until 01 July to finish the full paper for their proceedings. This site is part of the data collection process for that paper. I’m rather excited!


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