Irish 102 MOOC

After blasting through their 101 MOOC, I decided to continue on with DCU’s continuation. Strangely, it seems the two courses overlapped: I joined 102 as soon as I finished 101, but it was already well under way. Hmph.

So that means I have–theoretically, at least–three different modes of Irish language learning on the go currently:

  • MOOC
  • Duolingo (through a “class” facilitated by some of the epic folks affiliated with the Motherfocloir podcast)
  • Gaelige gan Stro self-directed course

The last one I’ve mostly parked. Himself–who’s doing Duolingo–thinks I’m a bit mental for doing multiple things concurrently. It is, however, purposeful (and circumstantial). It’s called differentiated instruction and self-regulated learning. Each of these uses somewhat different pedagogies, even when covering the same topic. Duolingo is much more grammarly and drilly. The MOOC is more situated knowledge-y. The self directed course is the most comprehensive–and also the most demanding. It’s harder for me to integrate doing chunks of it with all this stuff on the go.

I was almost 40 when I figured out that I’m an OK student, but an awesome (self-directed) learner. I love learning and am an ambitious learner. Except when asked to do things in which I am not interested. Then I become a student. I suck at studenting.

Back to the MOOC!


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