Tá sí leadránach

A combination of jet lag, shared national trauma, and the beginning of a postgraduate degree have meant Irish has been given short shrift this last fortnight. I’ve done a wee bit on Duolingo only. And I had fallen 10 days behind on my Irish MOOC from DCU. I’ve now managed to catch up. In fact, I think I’ve finished the MOOC.

Finishing a MOOC is something of an oxymoron. I have completed all the tasks that I am interested in, including the formative assessments. I have not participated in the comments on each page. Doesn’t really add to my learning. A more pedagogically interactive discussion might do…but that’s not a MOOC. There’s a part two to the MOOC. We’ll see if I get suckered in. Meanwhile Duolingo awaits…and Gaelige gan Stro has been completely neglected…. 😦

(Tá sí leadránach means it’s boring. I’ve just captured it here because I suspect it might be useful…)


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