Language on the go

Am in Valencia (Spain) for a conference on education, technology and development. It’s an annual sojourn for me, and the 30+ travelling (including connections in airports) always shatters me. So I’m on my bed feeling slightly sea-sick. This too shall pass.

One of the main reasons I upgraded to DuoLingo Plus! (! is apparently important) is the ability to download an entire course onto a mobile device for use offline. When I am on airplanes I am offline–aside from in-flight connectivity being usually both: 1. stupidly expensive, and 2. too sloooooow, I think it’s good to be offline as much as possible. I am more than capable of using my phone as a digital pacifier, but also don’t want to get develop bottle rot. In a metaphoric sense, 0bvs.

Am now into level 4 on both Dates/Times and Family, but was struggling in both yesterday. Jet lag can bugger me up cognitively. So I started Jobs, where I am in level one at the moment. Once the lag is gone I’ll do some revision of Dates/Times and Family and give both a go. Being brain fogged, I substituted some listening to music as gaelige in lieu of DuoLingo lessons whilsts on the road.


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