Gaelige update

After the purgatory that was Prepositions, next up was Ireland 1, a heady mix of geography, politics and governance. I was familiar with a fair bit of the basic stuff, so blasted through all the levels in a few days. This was the opposite experience compared to Prepositions.

Next up was Dates and Time, followed by Family. I am up to level 3 in Dates and Time, but am over to Family (level 1) since that’s the topic of the next Gaelige gan Stró chapter (#4). Will probably switch back and forth between these two until they’re both completed. I just wish I could get my iTunes to stop shuffling the bloody playlist!

I don’t recall much from Pimsleur’s Irish–and even less from that fun but unproductive continuing studies course at Sydney Uni 15 years ago–but some bits are definitely still there.


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