Thank gawd that’s over

Different people have different approaches to Duolingo. Himself prefers to do all the level ones, then all the level twos, etc. I prefer to drill down (up?) into each topic. One can argue about which approach is more efficient…if you are so inclined. My approach is instinctual and it’s served me really, really well.

Until recently.

Prepositions are important in many languages, but in Irish they are much more prominent. Many of the things we in English (or French) would express as a verb are expressed in Irish as prepositions. And to make it more fun, Irish combine prepositions with articles and pronouns. For example: to say I want food, you say Tá bia uaim, which means Food is from me. To say I must run you say Tá orm rithIt is on me to run.

It has taken half of January and much of February–admittedly, on a part-time, ad hoc basis–to finish this bit. And I can’t say I feel confident of having integrated it either. Duolingo should offer more transliterations that reflect Irish syntax in English so my brain can start thinking like Irish.


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